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Applying for a TCT teacher license with 24 credits worth in modules

Discussion in 'Teacher Licensing (TCT)' started by DigitalGypsy, 17 Dec 2016.

  1. DigitalGypsy

    DigitalGypsy Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    15 Jan 2013
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    Just looking at the above and I see that one can sit the culture course if you have an "other degree with at least 24 credits of teaching profession". I'm currently completing a Masters in education and have surpassed that credit limit as I'm nearing the end and at the thesis-writing stage. I also have a transcript of my credits earned to date as I requested a copy from the uni.

    Sooooo..., I'm wondering if it's possible to apply for a Thai license when one has achieved more than enough credits in an educational degree with only the thesis remaining? Logic dictates that this should be a possibility as it's the equivalent, in fact more than the equivalent of any PGCEI course completed in full which is accepted for the license. The major difference being the completion of a thesis, which is not a requirement of a PGCE/I course.

    If not, and I'm expecting this to be the case as Thailand is often found wanting in the logic department, do you think it would be possible to apply to sit the Thai culture course then having passed the required credit quota but with the thesis element still pending?


  2. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    In several previous documents of The Teachers' Council of Thailand you can find the term 'with at least 24 credits'. Below is for example an excerpt of the Notification of the Teachers Council of Thailand Board on Accreditation of Educational Degrees and Diplomas for Professional Practice Volume 123 Part 66 D Government Gazette July 13, 2006.

    However, I always read it that is should be a completed degree course or graduate diploma course that includes/ consists of at least mentioned 24 credits. So technically, I don't think one can go with, module certificates adding up to 24 credits, to the TCT and apply for a teacher license. Nonetheless, I would go to the TCT in person together with a Thai friend, partner or teacher and do the enquiry. It's worth the little effort. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    I would have thought too a completed M Ed would be required as at the end of the day Khurusapha is all about certificates. TBH DG there is no rush either as I presume you are on secured waivers until you complete your Masters and then time will be given for you to do a TCC...the FTL will come eventually.
    But ...
    ... worth a try with some effort and patience at KSP.

    Logic though .....:duh
  4. stfranalum

    stfranalum Well-Known Member

    9 Aug 2011
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    hysterical that a person assigned to administer a thai culture course wouldnt be able to answer basic questions in english.

    and probably 1000% true that you would need a translator.

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