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Continuing Education seminars - calendar, schedule?

Discussion in 'Qualifications & Courses' started by natewill, 2 Nov 2016.

  1. natewill

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    12 May 2014
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    I know that once per term or so, Cambridge, Oxford, probably IADTH all give CE seminars. Is there a website that has upcoming dates or anything similar? We got blindsided again this week, foreign teachers being 'required' to go to a meeting 4 days from now, and it's very frustrating to get only 3 or 4 days notice for full-day weekend events.

    Here's the current timeline that we're operating under:

    August - Cambridge schedules seminar
    September - Cambridge distributes flyers with dates on it
    October 20 - RSVP date printed on flyer (!!)
    October 31 - school receives flyer and calls to see if there are any seats left
    November 1 morning - school tells teachers that they're going to the seminar in 4 days,
    November 1 afternoon - teachers express frustration at having virtually no fore-notice, unable to tutor on Saturday, having to miss an Aunt's wedding, etc.....:cursing

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