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Deciding between Thailand or Cambodia

Discussion in 'Visas and extensions of stay' started by redsneef, 13 Feb 2016.

  1. redsneef

    redsneef Thread Starter New Member

    13 Feb 2016
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    I have been reading through all the threads and doing some quick searches to get some basic questions answered so I can make a better, more informed decision for my family. However, it's a bit overwhelming at times and some of the answers are older so I'd like to get some insight from some old hands if you don't mind entertaining a long post.

    I'm a Canadian who has worked overseas in international school settings as well as school boards in Canada. I don't have the teaching certification for my home province for anything beyond Early Childhood Education. I have a 3 year diploma in Child and Youth studies--while considered a profession it is not a degree per say. With that said I plan to work towards my Bachelor of Ed from the OpenUniversity of Australia program(flexibility and state certified without brick and mortar school restrictions). I'm currently in Ontario working as a special ed assistant/ECE for a school board. However, I am missing my overseas life(lived and worked in Shanghai for 5 years at top international school) and so my family and I are looking to make move back overseas. Also, my husband is a marketing/communications consultant so does a lot of online work so he is able to move to any country I want to as long as it has strong internet connection.
    Phew--long story I know but gives context to the following questions I guess.

    1. I have been offered a job with a school in Phnom Penh but I am hesitant to take it because of the lack of health care services for my young children(5 year old and 4 month old). I know that I won't really be able to work full time in an international school setting without the degree in Thailand but what are my chances of doing short term supply contracts(mat leave, sick leave) with schools in Thailand?

    2. What kind of permit would I need if I was just to do short term contracts or supply work on demand?? Doing the visa run is fine as we would have the flexibility but if I can avoid doing that then that would make life easier.

    3. With my husband doing most of his work online and billing to customers in their home country would a business visa be more advisable or just stick with tourist visa with border runs??

    4. Homeschooling laws--when I'm not working or if I am and my husband is on daddy duty--what are the laws around homeschooling (no we're not those crazy christian homeschoolers--more Reggio/unschooling philosophy).

    5. Finally--any thoughts on which city is more kid friendly--Chiang Mai or Bangkok---We've been to Bangkok but pre-baby so different perspective I suppose.

    Thanks in advance for the answers--truly appreciate it.
  2. ttompatz

    ttompatz Just another teacher

    10 Jul 2014
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    If you can get legal in Cambodia with your current Diploma then do it. I don't know much about the current state of affairs for proper visas to teach in Cambodia. A good internet connection for your hubby will be problematic at best in Cambodia.

    Legal work (defined as having a proper visa and work permit) in Thailand is not an option without the degree and worrying about a young family while also worrying about being allowed back in after a border hop is not a good thing.
    It also means the whole family has to do border hops every month.
    Chewing 8k out of your salary every month or so for border hops or tourist visas (out of a 30k salary) is no way to have a comfortable lifestyle.

    Healthcare for the kids will always be an issue. Most entry level jobs do NOT supply health insurance. Working as an illegal certainly won't.

    Getting a job in a proper, international school that will also supply a tuition benefit is also not an option for someone who can't get legal.
    The cost of school can certainly be a deal breaker for families with non-Thai kids.
    Low end English programs in public schools will cost you 35-60k baht per semester. (EFL teachers earn 30-40k per month).
    Top international schools will cost upward of 1 million baht (CAD$30k) per year per child.

    Alternatively, spend another year and go to uni and complete your degree (certainly some or all of your diploma should be transferable toward your BA in CYC or B.Ed. With a background in CYC and a BA/B.Ed he picture changes a LOT.

    Your husband is unlikely to get any kind of a visa by being an on-line worker and doing dodgy things to obtain an incorrect visa during a military dictatorship is never a good idea.

    The border hop issue is likely to come back after the end of March too (when overstay bans come into effect) and we could very well see a return to a maximum of 90 days stay as a tourist per 180 day period.

    With all of that said, if you are currently enrolled in your BA, with your diploma in hand, Korea is a viable option (TaLK program). TaLK Program - English Teaching,Teaching Korea,Government Scholarship
    ( www-DOT-talk-DOT-go-DOT-kr/ ).

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  3. redsneef

    redsneef Thread Starter New Member

    13 Feb 2016
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    Thanks for the feedback--

    I've decided not to go with Cambodia--while the pay is awesome and tuition is covered if I wanted it--I'm not really looking to return to work full time.

    That being said--Thailand is still an option for overseas location for me.

    I guess I should have been more clear in my questions. I'm not looking for full time work now that I've thought a few things through--and I don't need to work full time as my husband makes enough to cover our costs. Also--I'm not looking to put my kids in full on international schooling yet. They're still young and I'm okay with homeschooling them(well unschooling/worldschooling). I just thought it might be nice to work occasionally(as is the case now in Canada with a school board here--I can work when I feel like conversing with adults) so as it stands from the info posted above doing supply/occasional/short term contracts(for those off with Mat/Sick leave) is not possible?? Legally that is??

  4. Teacher MARK

    Teacher MARK Banned

    21 Aug 2015
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    From what I can gather from your posts so far, I would strongly advise you to visit Thailand for a few months before you end up making some monumental errors of judgement.

    It sounds like you really have no idea what to expect and I'm guessing that you are quickly going to have this 'dream' of yours turn into a serious nightmare.

    Spend six months living here with your kids before you decide to move here full time.
    This shouldn't be a problem if your husband is as professionally mobile as you say he is.

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