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Fine for expired road tax in Thailand

Discussion in 'Residing in Thailand' started by Stamp, 6 Jun 2016.

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    How much do I pay the Phuket police?

    Monday 6 June 2016, 09:45AM

    If you're caught with an outdated road tax on your motorbike, how much you pay for the fine can be negotiated with the police. Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot


    I received a fine for expired tax on my motorcycle on Songkran Day (Apr 13) at a checkpoint in Wichit. At the time, an officer asked me to pay a fine of B2,500. As I did not have that amount of money on me, I was told to attend Wichit Police Station to pay the fine. Once the fine had been paid, I would receive my licence back.

    I went to the station to pay the fine, which turned out to be only B500. However, when the duty officer tried to find my licence, it was not with all the other licences that the officer said were stored in order of the date they had been held, or with other bundles of other licences held.

    A phone call was made and within minutes the officer who had originally requested the B2,500 fine from me turned up with my licence still in his possession.

    First, can you please confirm what the actual fine should be for expired tax on a motorcycle, and also advise if it is normal procedure for an officer to personally hold an individuals driving licence.

    – Matt, Wichit


    If you were found operating vehicle with expired road tax, police are authorized to fine you up to B2,000 baht under the new penalties of the Motor Vehicles Act as approved by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

    Police officers have power granted by the Thai Royal Police and the NCPO to make a decision on how much fine a motorist is to pay if caught driving on public roads with expired road tax, but the fine is only up to B2,000. Any fines more than that must be levied by the provincial court.

    Read more at How much do I pay the Phuket police?

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