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How to report a post?

Discussion in 'Posting Guidelines' started by Stamp, 26 Dec 2010.

  1. Stamp

    Stamp Thread Starter Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    When reading posts you might find that the content of a post is not complying with our Posting Guidelines.

    The Posting Guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines

    In that case you can report that post to the moderators of Thailand Teaching. The button to do this can be found at the bottom of each post.

    Here's a screen shot of that button.

    When clicking the button a new screen will appear where your can write a brief message why you think that the content of the posts is against our Posting Guidelines.


    Our forum software will take care that your report will be under the attention of our moderators.

  2. Topper

    Topper New Member

    13 Dec 2010
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    Thanks Stamp!

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