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Help Immigration requirements: TM 28 (?) reporting

Discussion in 'Residing in Thailand' started by Clown, 4 Jan 2017.

  1. Clown

    Clown Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    26 Jul 2013
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    What's up, everybody? This TM 28 is kinda absurd when one has more than 1 condo. Going to condo #2? Gotta report yourself?!?

    My new landlady was fined 800 THB for doing this a few days late. Now I would have to do this for myself, or what?!?

    Do they teach math (just wondering). Today, the landlady hassled me on FB Messenger. Demanded 4,031 THB. Exasperated, I assured her that this is the exact amount which I depoited. Asking, how much more she expects?

    Turns out that she wants me to read her mind and pay the old Police fine. WTH? She's just handed me a note, writing on it the amount she wants.

    Gimme strength.

    Originally, she had said "no SD". Then she demanded 1,000 THB ad hoc. Okay, she got that. Now the 800 THB. :confused:cursing:guns

    Q: have you encountered this style? Negotiations start after one has struck a deal? :yes
  2. bahn_farang

    bahn_farang Well-Known Member

    21 Feb 2011
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    so it's a new landlady and a new problem?:innocent
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