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Lecturer Position (NES preferred) Korat

Discussion in 'Teaching Jobs You Know Of' started by Mr. Smiley, 7 Apr 2017.

  1. Mr. Smiley

    Mr. Smiley Thread Starter Member

    7 Apr 2017
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    Surawiwat School located in Suranaree University of Technology (Korat), is looking for 2 English teachers (Native English speakers preferred) If you are interested, please contact the phone number or email on the attachment. Application closes on April 12, 2017

    job opportunity.jpg
  2. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA την σκαφην σκαφην λεγοντας

    16 May 2014
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    It looks pretty positive. Another issue is how many students are in each class. What do the facilities look like? How many foreign teachers are there now? And the golden question: can I please talk to a couple of the teachers who are there now?

    Korat is an attractive city, in my opinion. Many foreigners there... if that is a good thing. One would have a chance to travel around Isaan and behold its wonders--but that is not recommended because the roads are so dangerous. Buy a Bi-plane and do some hedge-hopping... that would be safer.
  3. archlord

    archlord Member

    19 Jan 2014
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    I did an English camp there a couple years ago. The campus is huge and the buildings are in good shape. I didn't see any other foreign teachers at the time but the Thai staff were quite friendly. You'll definitely want a motorbike or car as the campus isn't exactly in town.

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