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My border trip yesterday

Discussion in 'Visas and extensions of stay' started by Tonyja, 7 Aug 2016.

  1. Tonyja

    Tonyja Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    9 Feb 2011
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    I went to Cambodia (only just) for the day to get a 30 day entry yesterday. I went with a big well known Bkk company and decided to arrive early to get the earlier vans.
    I bet its gonna be deserted at 3:45 I thought as I arrived in Lotus car park at On nut.
    I counted 46 people in the already long cue. 45 Filipinos and a SA and me.
    I got talking to a few people near me and they were telling me they do this every 2 weeks to stay here and work as teachers. Later at the border I found out that they had turned off all alerts for them as well as Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodians, so they could do this forever without any warning to get a visa.
    What a way to be here..doing a hop to Cambodia every 2 weeks in a death van at 4am returning at 4pm.
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  2. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    Yep a mad existance eh. That's a lot of Fillipinos doing this and working illegally I presume ...is that they only get 15 days at a time as opposed to many westerners that can get a 30 day job? So much for ASEAN members eh and so much for ASEAN too.
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  3. bahn_farang

    bahn_farang Well-Known Member

    21 Feb 2011
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    sounds awful but i guess it's all relative to the life they are trying to escape elsewhere
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  4. gungchang

    gungchang Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2011
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    I imagine the Burmese have left even worse behind.

    We had a Pinay teacher who couldn't leave the P.I. and return to Thailand. She needed some paperwork from the school, perhaps a contract, and the school would not do it. They wanted teachers to arrive on tourist visas and then convert the visa. I don't understand why they started this practice. They stopped all contracts with foreign teachers and went with an agency. I don't know if "foreign teachers" included the Pinoy teachers or not.

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