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My first post on thailandteaching

Discussion in 'Welcome Newbies' started by LEARNTHAILAND, 16 Jan 2015.


    LEARNTHAILAND Thread Starter New Member

    16 Jan 2015
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    Hi, all. This is my first post on this site and I'm looking forward to learning about teaching in Thailand.

    I completed my CELTA in December and I'm in the search process for positions in Thailand. This is more intricate than I expected I welcome and and all information you can provide.

    First question is about age. I'm 69 years old in great health and with great energy. Everyone tells me I don't look my age - and they know I'm not paying for compliments. But age is everywhere when applying abroad so I'm not trying to hide the facts. What I want to know is, when this shows up on applications, is it a problem for teaching in Thailand? My pic is on my resume and I'm open to Skype interviews - I just don't know if it's an immediate shut down.

    I have a lot of experience in education as a US classroom teacher. I also have experience in business. But for this new stage in my life I'd like to teach adults or older students.

    And input?
  2. ttompatz

    ttompatz Just another teacher

    10 Jul 2014
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    1. 69 years old (past the mandatory retirement age)...
    2. Not in the country (you mentioned skype interviews?)...
    3. End of the school year (school ends in about 6 weeks)...

    I'd guess your chances are about "0".

    Your only real chance is to be here in late April and start looking at agencies (regular schools can't hire you directly, get you a visa or work permit).

  3. Cal Roy

    Cal Roy Well-Known Member

    15 Jul 2013
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    Check out language schools, too. You can find them in most malls in Bangkok.
  4. bahn_farang

    bahn_farang Well-Known Member

    21 Feb 2011
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Perhaps I'm the eternal optimist but while your age will be a factor for some schools/employers others will see past it and judge you on your ability. Perhaps a little more information will help.

    1) Where are you looking for work? Which area in Thailand?
    2) What is your business experience?

    Good luck and follow your new dreams
  5. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    :welcome to TT

    Government employees retire at 60 years old. For foreigners, there's no cap. However, one can not contribute in the Social Security fund when 60 or older.

    The best thing is to be here in person. In basic education schools, semesters run from May to October and from November to March.

    Best of luck.
  6. Mister T

    Mister T Retired, fat and happy

    9 Dec 2010
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    Welcome LT. Your chances all depend on what degree you have, home country license, what area in Thailand you look for work. I know people in their 70s teaching in high schools and universities without a problem. As a subject teacher and correct qualifications, you should be okay. Waste of time and money coming before April/May, waste of time and effort applying online. You need to have boots on the ground, license and original transcripts, 3k to 4k in disposable funds while you search. :welcome to TT
  7. SundayJam

    SundayJam Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2014
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    We'll have openings for high school teachers in May. You'll have to interview in March. I'll post in the right forum when I have more information. For interviews, the kids grade you and the observing teachers will too. Nobody's trying to trick you, so don't get fussy about classroom management. If you are confidant, clear, and knowledgeable, I don't see why you wouldn't be hired on a year contract. Good luck.
  8. Mati

    Mati Well-Known Member

    21 Oct 2012
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    Welcome, LT :)
    I took the same step two years back and never regretted it. This forum was my first port of call.
  9. gungchang

    gungchang Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2011
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    I'm sixty-one years old and did my CELTA less than two years ago.

    I applied for my teaching license when I was 59.

    I'm guessing it might be ten years too late for you to apply for a Thai license. The CELTA won't hurt.

    I work as a "retired teacher." However, I'd already been at the same school for five years when this began.

    If I was to try and start at another school, I'd register with an agency. In fact, it was an agency post that eventually led to my current job.

    Here's one scenario:

    You might get sent out on emergency calls where a teacher ran and the school needs someone NOW. If you're well liked, that can lead to a longer post.

    If you have 800,000 baht you can deposit in a Thai bank, you're old enough that you can get a non-im O visa and stay year-to-year. That doesn't mean that you're working legally, but it does mean that the school doesn't have to sweat rushing a non-im B for you. You also won't have to worry about visa runs on visas on arrival or tourist visas.

    Personally, I've worked on an "old fart" O visa and a marriage O visa. I've also had B visas. I've had work permits issued on both B and O visas. I've also extended an O visa using my teaching contract instead of a bank balance.

    Ideally, if you've got the bank balance, or if your social security and other pensions exceed approximately USD2000 per month, welcome to Thailand. You can seek work at your leisure. Two places to search might be Bang Khae (the subway is being extended there) and along BTS from On Nut to Bearing. You're outside of central Bangkok where the need for a teacher might be greater than in the center of town. But, you're only a train ride away from vibrant Bangkok. Even in the boonies, there are malls, etc.

  10. ramses

    ramses Well-Known Member

    31 Jan 2012
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    This is a typo. Provided you are not a government employee you are free to work here until your final breath.

    I'd like to suggest corporate work. Find a province with an industrial park and you will find a language school that is in need of teachers. Prachinburi has 304 Industrial Park, Kabinburi has Kabinburi Industrial Zone (formerly known as KBIZ), Chachoengsao has 304 Industrial Park Chachoengsao, Samut Sakhorn has a couple large industrial estates as well. I would imagine most of these would be in need of NES teachers.

    Here is a list of industrial estates and facilities in Thailand.

    If you work for a school, you will likely be asked to get a waiver that allows you to teach at that school. If you plan to be at that school more than a couple years and still have current teaching credentials, you can go ahead and apply for a teachers license. The process for getting licensed here seems to be fluid, but 2 years will be ample time to get it sorted.

    agreed. some will see it as a good thing while others will see it as a bad thing. thing is, those who would only like handsome young men working for them are not the type you want to work for.

    only for jobs that you would not want anyway.

    Depending on your 'classroom' experience in the US and your level of qualifications, you might try some of the more prestigious or international schools. They prefer NES of any age provided the qualifications are legit.

    It is never too late to open a new door. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time here and have a look around.

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