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New airport buses off to flying start ....

Discussion in 'General News from Thailand' started by sirchai, 15 May 2017.

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    Good news for those who're living in fallen angel city, but also for those who've got to visit Bangkok from time to time. I hope that TTA is allowed to post stuff from Bangkok Post. If not, please feel free to delete the first part.

    The bus services run on two routes: the A3, running from Don Mueang airport to Lumpini Park, and the A4, from the airport to Sanam Luang.

    New airport buses off to flying start | Bangkok Post: news

    What the article doesn't mention are the stops and destinations, here some more info from a Germish webpage:

    BANGKOK: Two new bus routes will now connect the city center of Bangkok with Don Muang Airport in the northeast of Bangkok.

    The new line A3 starts at Lumpini Park. The buses will stop at Ratchaprasong, Pratunam and Din Daeng, before using the toll way to the airport.

    Line A 4 begins at Sanam Luang, opposite the National Theatre, more stops are at Khao San Road, the democracy monument, the Phanfa bridge and Yommarat, Tha Prachan, Lan Luang and Tha Chang.

    At Don Muang airport, the buses will depart in front of terminal 1 at exit 6 and in front of terminal 2 at exit 12. The fee’s only 30 baht and the Shuttle- Service’s available daily from 7 am to 11 pm.

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