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Sirindhorn Museum, Kalasin

Discussion in 'Region Guides' started by NODIIT, 4 Feb 2013.


    NODIIT Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    4 Jul 2012
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    I've been around for a while now, so I figure it would be a good time to let people know, and maybe have a use, about my "hobby".
    If you wish to have a visit of the Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum of Kalasin you should know that there is a volunteer (me) who do visit for foreigner (for free).
    Outside of being a teacher I'm a professional guide and associate research at the Sirindhorn Lab. So I pretty much know what I'm talking about during my visit.

    Where is this?
    At the bottom of a small hill named Phu Khum Khao in the village of Sahat Sakham, 35 km north from Kalasin.

    What are the costs?
    As I said, I do the visit for free but you will have to purchase tickets for 100 Baths.

    Shopping and such?
    There is a shop museum and a small market in front of the Museum.

    Local Transportation?
    Your car or a songtaew from Kalasin (blue one, in front of the night market, 200 m north of the Pong Lang roundabout).

    It is a really nice museum with only one equivalent in the area (Ban Chiang Museum) and probably one of the first paleontological museum in the ASEAN.
    There is a dinosaur garden around the museum with real-size replica and a museum site with a dinosaur skeleton still in place inside the rock.

    Many kids visit the museum everyday and medias suffer a lot from manipulations. Be ready to see broken things and dead computer.

    You do not need a guide to visit the museum by itself because it was one of the first museum in Thailand to use both English and Thai in the exhibition.

    Anyway if you do need a guide, PM me, come during a week end or holiday and be ready to offer the beer ;) ...
  2. hazza11

    hazza11 New Member

    4 Feb 2013
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    Good post, I hope to visit sometime in the near future :)

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