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The never ending story....

Discussion in 'Schools you want to talk about' started by sirchai, 20 Jun 2016.

  1. sirchai

    sirchai Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    Not too long ago they're seeking a NES teacher with experience, offering the same 15 K.

    They're always looking for teachers, so please be aware.

    Full-time Teachers Needed for Teeratada Phitsanulok School
    This job is located at Teeratada Phitsanulok School in Phitsanalok

    Expected salary: At least 15,000 Baht/month
    Published on: 07-04-2016
    Teachers of English required for all levels at Teeratada Phitsanulok School.

    Situated on the outskirts of Phitsanulok which is 377 kilometres north of Bangkok the school is set in a peaceful suburban area.

    Students range from kindergarten to grade 9.

    P.S. Just wondering how much the agent's taking away per head in such a peaceful suburban area?
  2. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    I know a lad in a local 7/11 that earned 14,000 baht last month. So I suppose a grand extra is ok for a white monkey. BTW Phitsanulok is a nice place. Degreed westerner with teaching experience versus M6 passed 20 year old Thai no experience working in a shop ....it does make you wonder why people teach eh.
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  3. Templeton

    Templeton Member

    10 Oct 2016
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    I loved that movie....

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