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What has driven you mad?

Discussion in 'Residing in Thailand' started by gungchang, 9 Jan 2017.

  1. gungchang

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    16 Oct 2011
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    "It was a woman who drove to drink. I never wrote to thank her."

    Does that describe you?

    Do you carry Prozac in a Pez dispenser?

    Does your Thai wife adjust the rabbit ears on the TV even though you've had cable for years?

    Is your school sodomizing you with the Eiffel Tower, sideways, w/out KY, again, as usual?

    Have you grown weary of Hillary supporters whining about how full of hate Trump is, and how they'll kill anybody who disagrees?

    Have you divorced in California?

    What has pushed over the brink and into the waiting arms of basket weavers twiddling their thumbs and toes?

    Feel free to vent here.

    My #1 stress overload would have to be my psycho-spouse from hell (guess which nationality) who quit her job so as to be eligible for alimony (quite illegal, it's called "voluntary reduction") and the court that awarded it.

    To preempt this, I quit my job, got a passport and a one way ticket to Bangkok.

    I never paid her so much as one cent, and I've never regretted the move.
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